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My Holy Grail Hair Products

For years, people have asked me about my hair routine — how I color it, how I blow dry it, how I curl it, and which products I use. It’s just part of the whole news anchor/TV thing, for sure (and yes, I always mostly do my own hair and makeup). So here’s a little roundup of my tried and true, holy grail hair products — most of which I’ve used for years! I have tried a ton of different brands and products but keep coming back to these, which is a testament to how well they work for my hair. Now, I’ll stress — these work for my hair type (colored, a bit of a natural wave when I don’t blow dry it, and super thick). Of course, every hair type is different. But if you’re looking for some new products to switch things up or improve your routine, give these a whirl.

Shampoos + Conditioners

Wella Brilliance Shampoo — The company just recently changed the packaging on this line, but I’ve used this shampoo forever. My aunt (who is the BEST colorist ever, in my book) does my hair and has decades of experience as a stylist, and always recommends the best products. She got my hooked on this years ago. It’s a great protectant shampoo if your hair is dyed, it smells great and while it’s pricier than any drug store brand, you can get a great deal if you get a big one during Ulta’s jumbo sale, which they have every few months.

Wella Brilliance Conditioner — Same deal goes for the corresponding conditioner — I love the way this conditions my hair without weighing it down. I get the “fine hair” version, because even though my hair is thick and there’s a lot of it, it is also VERY heavy. It has a tendency to get weighed down by products that are too moisturizing so I always go with the “fine” if it’s available.

Wella Brilliance Mask — I love using this mask once a week or so on my hair for a little bit of deep conditioning. Again, it’s meant to protect color from fading and moisturize, but it’s still fairly light and leaves my hair feeling silkier, especially the ends.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo– Dry shampoo is a must for my weekday routine. I only typically wash my hair twice a week. Not only do I just not have the time, my hair stays so much healthier (and looks better!) when I limit the washing. Dry shampoo to the rescue the rest of the time! This one from Living Proof is my favorite, but for a budget version try this one.

To achieve this look. make sure to leave a bit of hair out of the iron at the bottom to get the straight ends.

Hair Styling Tools

BaBylissPRO Carerra Porcelain Ceramic Hair Dryer — And that brings me to blow drying. This is another recommendation from my aunt and I really do love this hair dryer. It’s porcelain, which is said to offer improved heat distribution to keep your hair looking healthier and minimize that “fried” look some dryers can give you. It’s higher end but not crazy expensive and mine has lasted me for years. This works really well and really quickly, even for my mop of hair.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer– With that said, if I have the time and I’m looking for a smoother/straight style- this Revlon One-Step dryer/styler is GOLD! I just got this for Christmas and I’m loving it. Gives that super smooth blow-out look at a fraction of the time as a regular old round brush, AND it doesn’t get tangled (even when my hair was REALLY long). Just check out the Amazon reviews- people love this and for good reason!

Velcro Rollers — Ahhh my good ol’ velcro rollers. If you follow me on Insta, I know you’ve seen me in these. I’ve used these since I started in TV news and they’re definitely my must-have for volume. The key is to use the right size. I use large ones at the top, medium ones in the second “row,” and two small ones on the sides of my hair right by my ear. I typically use 8 in total, teasing at the root before I put them in. When I have a shoot or I’m getting ‘done’ to go out (which is rare these days) I leave these in while I do my makeup.

Phillip Teaze Brush — And as far as teasing goes, this is BY FAR the best tease brush out there. It doesn’t pull or tear at your hair like some others I’ve tried, it’s wood so it will last you forever, and it gets right down to the root easily with its size and bristles. I got mine a million years ago (seriously, probably 10 years ago now) and it’s still going strong. Oh, and it’s super inexpensive!

John Frieda Curling Iron — This is my favorite curling iron I’ve ever used. It’s smooth porcelain but still has a clamp (I cannot use a wand no matter how hard I try), offering great control, and has a digital heat setting as well. Not to mention, it’s under $30 (I’ve seen it for as low as $20)! I like the 1 1/4 inch size for true curls or messier waves, which I tend to do more now. I just leave the ends out of the clamp to give more of a wave look rather than a curl. Leave the hair in the iron for about 15-20 seconds, release, spray, and then kind of comb through/mess up the curls after I let them set for a minute.

Styling Products

Rusk Blofoam Root Lift — I can’t quit you, Rusk Blofoam. I’m definitely a fan of volume and big hair, and I have tried a TON of different mousses and root lifts that promise height and I just always come back to this one. If you’ve never used root lift, here’s how I do it: after I towel dry my hair after washing, I sort of section off pieces of wet/damp hair at the root and spray directly on the root and massage in. I do this mostly at the top of my scalp, then flip over my hair and blow dry it, kind of working my fingers through the roots to lift upward. There’s really no fancy method I use, it’s just my very unscientific, unprofessional way of getting some volume at the top.

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray — Another product I have come back to again and again! I’ve tried so many different sprays but NOTHING works like Sebastian. Another product my aunt introduced me to years ago that is my tried and true go-to for flexible hold. I get mine on Amazon through Subscribe & Save.

Kristin Ess Texturizing Spray — I love the feel this gives my hair to finish my styling. It volumizes, separates the hair a bit and kind of roughs it up, for lack of a better term. Great for the messy waves I often go for and bonus- it smells SO good.

That’s it- my favorite, holy-grail, go-to hair products! Give them a try and let me know what you think.

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