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Cold and Snow Gadgets As Seen On Inside Edition

This time of the year, we’re looking for ways to keep our homes warm and safe and I rounded up some incredibly innovative cold and snow gadgets for Inside Edition.

Watch the Segment:

Snow and ice can be a pain to clear off our cars, walkways and driveways and these tools make the job a whole lot easier. The compact ice scraper is a game changer because it is easier on your wrist and clears snow AND ice with a single back and forth motion- no need to flip it over. Ice melting mats are a more environmentally friendly, neater, and simpler way to melt ice on your steps or walkways. They act just like rock salt and melt ice so that the surface becomes safe to walk on.

Did you know there are electric cordless snow throwers that are WAY more compact and easier than a traditional bulky, hard to store snow-blower? Another favorite cold and snow gadget we found was a snow shovel on wheels! It acts more like a plow to push away the snow without having to bend. Your back will thank me! Check out the below for more great cold and snow gadgets.

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