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January Refresh

From our health to our cleaning habits to caring for our skin, January is a time where we often are looking to refresh our routines. Whether it’s aiming to get into a better vitamin regimen or trying to reduce chemicals within our home, I discovered some fantastic finds out there to help us with a little reset for the new year. I shared the full lineup on Lifestyle Today. You can watch my January Refresh segment here and as always, shop it below.

Marisa’s Picks: January Refresh on Lifestyle Today

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When it comes to a January refresh, one of my goals for 2022 is to improve my overall health and nutrition, and I love the Better You line for a no-pill solution to getting additional vitamins and minerals. I am always in tune with my Vitamin D levels in the winter months, so I’ve been incorporating the oral spray into my morning routine, along with the Turmeric, Iron and B3 supplement sprays.

In our house, paper towel consumption is a constant issue. We use way too many, and it’s been something I’ve been looking to really work on because I know how wasteful it is! These PureSky microfiber products have patented technology that remove 99 % of bacteria using just water- no cleaning sprays or chemicals needed. I love the glove for some quick dusting or for hard-to reach cleaning spots.

Hand sanitizer is still in constant rotation in our house, and Earth Baby’s version is our go-to. I love that it’s from certified organic ingredients and safe for little hands. It has hydrating oils and vitamins so it doesn’t dry out our hands. Plus, it’s not sticky.

Hair loss is not just a men’s issue. I know a lot of women who’ve dealt with postpartum hair loss and other types as they age. The system I feature here from Kiierr uses laser-light technology and doesn’t require wetting your hair, which makes it a convenient at-home option.

Lastly, skincare is just a personal journey, which is why I love a customized line. Pura Skin Lab is created by an award-winning New York dermatologist focused on making dermatology education more accessible. You go onto their site, take a quiz, and get customized recommendations for your regimen.

If you’re looking for a January refresh, hope this gives you some inspo on where to start!

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Better You

PureSky by Persik

Earth Baby


Pura Skin Lab

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