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Set for Summer Entertaining

Backyard BBQ’s, hot summer pool days, post-beach happy hours and more- get set for summer entertaining! I had the chance to pop on Good Morning Washington to share some ideas for summer food + entertaining to get us ready for the season.

Watch the Segment:

Add an unexpected beverage bar

Cold brew and iced coffee season is back and I love incorporating them into a summer party. A cute cold brew latte bar is a fun and unexpected addition on a hot summer day. My tip: make it delicious AND inclusive for your guests, no matter their dietary needs. I used Almond Breeze plant-based almond milk creamers, which make it possible for everyone to an enjoy a little creamy indulgence in their iced coffee, even if they’re dairy-free. The three flavors (Caramel, Sweet Creme and Vanilla) are all really yummy but Caramel is my favorite paired with a robust cold brew. I love to use a handheld frother to really take it up a notch!

Don’t forget dessert

We can’t forget about dessert when entertaining, and I’m all about shortcuts that help keep things simple. Pre-ordering freshly baked cookies is a great way to help things feel homemade without turning on your oven, and it’s even better when the flavors are unique. Bell’s Cookie Co. is perfect because the cookies come boxed and individually-wrapped to eliminate any crumbling. The 12 different flavors are a mix of traditional and outside the box- the S’mores are perfect for summer and the Confetti flavor makes for such a cute ice cream cookie sandwich!

Entertaining requires energy

The busy summer months can be draining, so keeping our energy up is a must. Matcha has been getting lots of buzz lately for the sustainable energy it can give us, along with its long list of health benefits. But which matcha you use really makes a difference. KO Matcha is pure, ceremonial grade matcha- that’s what you want to look for. It’s also 100 percent organic, made with only high-quality camellia sinensis leaves sourced directly from Japan. That ensures a smooth, clean taste that’s great on its own mixed with water served over iced, or used to get creative for a refreshing summer drink. I made a Cucumber Mint Matcha Lemonade by blending up some cucumber and mint with the KO Matcha powder, cold water, freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey. It screams summer and is perfect to keep you going all day long.

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