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Common Cleaning Myths on Inside Edition

The right way to clean is always a topic that has a lot of opinions! I had fun sharing (and busting) some common cleaning myths on Inside Edition.

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Spray and walk away

Did you know your cleaning products need a little marinating time? It’s true! The germ busting ingredients are MOST effective when you give them a few minutes to really do their job. So, if you’re cleaning a countertop or other surface, your best bet is to spray and walk away. Then, a few minutes later, come back to wipe it down.

Dishwasher loading 101

While how to “correctly” load a dishwasher can be a polarizing topic, here is the way I recommend. You want to have your forks facing up, knives facing down, and spoons alternating. While many people do prefer to have forks facing down, this often leads to over-filling the silverware rack, which makes cleaning efficiently harder. Same goes for spoons- having them all facing the same way makes them spoon (literally) and prevents adequate cleaning. The alternating method maximizes exposure for each of the utensils.

Check those expiration dates

Cleaning products typically have a recommended shelf life of 2 to 3 years. Will they harm you if you use them after that? Likely, no. However, they become less effective over time, so you do want to keep an eye on the expiration dates.

Pillows need a wash, too

Yes, you can wash your pillows in the washing machine! Our pillows harbor a ton of allergens and other irritants. Of course, check the care instructions first. And, to make sure not to over-stress your washing machine, aim for 1-2 pillows max. Again, while the recommendations vary, a good bet is to wash them at least twice a year.

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