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How to Create a Spooky Snack Board

It’s Halloween week, and while it has never been my favorite holiday, I have to admit, seeing my kiddos so excited for the big day this year, I’m really looking forward to it! Our neighborhood goes all-out for trick-or-treating and it’s really such a nice day with our friends and neighbors. So, we’re in countdown mode over here! For the past few years I’ve wanted to try creating a spooky-themed snack board, and with a lighter start to the work week on my hands, I thought it would be the perfect little after school surprise for them today as we approach Halloween.

I used a bunch of things I had on hand for this to make it more economical, and that’s really the fun part about any kind of snack or grazing board! I love getting creative in the kitchen and this is kind of a blank canvas for that. The key things you may want to purchase ahead of time are some themed additions, like candy pumpkins or candy corn, edible eyeballs, and little decorative touches like the little spiders or skull. But honestly- I had most of this stuff at home! The Babybel cheeses are a favorite around here and they make the perfect ‘mummies’ and my kids are obsessed with pepperoni for lunches or snack. The Oreos are great to add in some black, and I used some cashews because that’s what I had on hand- but again, you can really mix and match and have fun with this depending on what’s in your pantry.

Once you pull out your items, it’s all about how you arrange it. A good tip is to start with one focal point (for this one, the skull) and then work your way around that. In all, this took me about 10 minutes to pull together. And it was so well worth it seeing the kiddos’ faces! They LOVED it and thought it was the best little surprise. My wheels are already turning for something similar I can do around Christmas. Have you created one of these? Let me know what your go-to items are to incorporate!

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