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Here’s What I Tried for Postpartum Hair Loss

It’s a common scenario for postpartum mamas— handfuls of hair, shedding with each shower, blow-dry or brush-through. Postpartum hair loss is totally normal as our pregnancy hormones crash. And if you’re like me, you’re left with these awkward, fine baby hairs surrounding your hairline that can take months (years even!) to grow back in.

For me, this got a little bit worse with each pregnancy, and because my pregnancies were all basically back to back, I feel like my hair has not been “itself” in years. So, when I heard about Foligain, I figured, why not give it a try?

Foligain is a 3-step system designed and clinically proven to make hair fuller, healthier and shinier. What I liked best was that it’s totally sulfate and paraben-free. I had a chance to sample the shampoo, conditioner, and Trioxidil Complete Formula, which is essentially a serum you apply to the scalp and massage in with a little roller tool. The active ingredient in this 3-part combo is trioxidil, which has bioactive ingredients that promote fuller-looking hair and scalp health. It’s combined with biotin, vitamins and other peptides to work a little magic on your locks.

2 months postpartum with Lila, baby hairs abound

I’ve been using the system regularly for about 8 weeks now. I don’t use the Complete Formula serum every time I wash my hair, but I have used the shampoo and conditioner each time. A few impressions to share. First of all, the shampoo and conditioner smell amazing. They have a really fresh, salon-quality product scent, which I guess I just didn’t expect given their purpose. I have to say I don’t love the way they leave my hair feeling immediately after washing…they don’t leave a residue or anything, but the shampoo doesn’t ‘suds up’ as much as my go-to shampoos so it just feels a little different after rinsing. BUT the big takeaway is that I definitely notice a difference in the texture of those baby hairs that have been plaguing my ponytails for the past 5 years now. They feel stronger, are growing faster, and no longer fly out in all the directions when I pull my hair back. I consider that a win!

I am still losing lots of hair with each shower, but the overall texture of my hair feels great— less brittle. more moisturized and shiny (even though I am WAY overdue for a color…mama has been BUSY). I’m glad I gave Foligain a whirl and I plan to keep using it to give all that incoming baby hair a continued boost. You can give it a try yourself through Amazon, Foligain’s website, and HEB.

This post is sponsored by Foligain. I occasionally have sponsored editorial but will only share products I have tried, tested and believe in and will always share my honest opinion.

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