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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We’re officially entering last-minute gift territory. No matter how much planning and shopping ahead we may do, there always seem to be some last minute gifts we need to pick up for family, friends, teachers, clients, neighbors, you name it! Lucky for you, I’m teaming up with some GREAT partners offering some perfect options for all your last-minute gifting needs.

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A gift of knowledge with 23andMe

My first last-minute gift idea comes down to living a happier and healthier life, and it’s really a unique idea that allows people to better understand their health. 23andMe gives you access to your DNA, which unlocks answers to everything from your health, to traits, to your ancestry.

When you take a 23andMe test you’ll get genetic insights backed by science to help you take greater control of your health, including over 150 personalized reports.

You’ll also get a deeper look at your ancestry, with over 2,000 regions and population-specific reports. Whether you want to gift the discovery of new family members or commit to a healthier year ahead, 23andMe gives you a way to do it.

Self-care stocking stuffer options from OLAY Body and Secret

I’m always a big fan of self-care gifts and I have two great stocking stuffers to help anyone on your list feel their best. Cold temperatures don’t have to be synonymous with dry skin when you gift OLAY Body Cleansing + Nourishing Body Wash with Hyaluronic Acid. This body wash infuses moisture 10 layers deep to help hydrate the skin throughout the day, without leaving a coated feel. It’s all thanks to the hyaluronic acid, which is known for attracting and retaining water to lock in the moisture you want during these cold winter months. It’s also approved by the Skin Health Alliance, so you know it’s a good choice as a last-minute gift.

Another great option is Secret’s Aluminum Free Deodorant. This deodorant offers 48-hour odor protection with 3x more odor fighters than the leading aluminum free brand. I love the fresh Real Coconut scent. This collection is dermatologist tested and completely free of aluminum, parabens, talc, and dyes.

Sweet treats from Lindt

Chocolate can be a great last-minute gift for loved ones or colleagues and including chocolate figures perfect for stocking stuffers and seasonal chocolate gift sets. But, we can’t forget the holiday classic — their LINDOR truffles. These are so iconic! They actually were developed more than 50 years ago for people to use as holiday decorations. They’re decadent round truffles with a smooth center surrounded by a delicate chocolate shell and available in classic milk chocolate and other seasonal flavors. And I just love the presentation- they have a variety of festive bags or gift boxes to choose from so they are ready to gift and don’t even require wrapping.

Cash is still king, but make it modern with PayPal

Data shows that receiving cash is the number one preferred gift for many during the holidays, especially with the post-holiday economic forecast. So, it’s time to move on from the age-old idea that giving cash as a gift is a faux pas! PayPal and Venmo provide a simple, secure way to send money or digital gift cards. 

With PayPal and Venmo, you’re able to manage holiday group expenses like splitting a cab to a party or send a joint cash gift to your friends and family to spend however they’d like. You’re able to add a personal touch with a holiday-themed gift wrap, and a payment note to share your message.

Plus, with the PayPal Digital Gift Store you can even send a digital gift card to their favorite stores. You can sign up online or download the app through Apple or Google Play.

For more holiday content, check out some of my Holiday Entertaining Ideas or my my Amazon storefront.

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